Ranger Rock Cafe

Welcome to the Ranger Rock Cafe'

The Ranger Rock Cafe' is located at the Mt. Iron-Buhl High School.It is a restaurant run by students from Mt. Iron-Buhl, Virginia, and Eveleth-Gilbert Schools enrolled the Food Occupations course.

The Cafe' is open to the public.  It is a non-profit organization with very reasonable prices. Take-out is available!

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Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday
          Closed Wednesdays
        8:30-10:00   12:30-2:00

Pick up for takeout orders only
      No "in house" dining

 Latest time to order: 11:15 and 1:45
    Orders will not be taken after theses times as students need to go to their next class

Ph: (218) 735-8271   #5

Due to Coronavirus and the closing of schools we will be closed until further notice.  Hope to see all our regular customers soon!

Due to the change in classes (3-4 hour), the time we are open for business has changed.  Also, if we are very short staff we may be closed for business during that class period.

This year there only a handful of students taking the class so we are limited in the amount and size of take-out orders we can fulfill and the size of groups we can service.  So, some customers and orders may be declined.  Hopefully next year there will be more participation.