High School Athletics

1. How much do Athletic Passes cost?
Student and Senior Citizen passes are $25.00; Adult passes are $75.00; and Family passes are $125.00. Passes are sold in the high school central office.  Ask for Jean Smith.
2. Who needs a physical?
7th and 10th graders. (Every 3 years)
3. How much are Junior and Senior High activity fees?
Junior High (grades 7-8)$50.00;Senior High (grades 9-12) $75.00. Any family that qualifies for free or reduced lunch and has filled out the appropriate forms will have the activity fee waived for the school year.
4. How much is the family maximum fee for athletics?
$200 for the year. Any family that qualifies for free or reduced lunch will have the fee's waived for the school year.

MIB High School
1. What is the Mountain Iron-Buhl High School's mailing address?
P.O. Box 537
Mt. Iron, MN 55768
2. What door number is open during the day?
#5 - Ranger Door.  Sign-in and get a visitors pass.
Merritt Elementary


Our school building is secured and our doors are locked everyday at 8:30 a.m. until the end of the school day.  Parents and visitors need to enter the building at Door 1.  Upon entering, press the push button and or speaker button on the north wall for access and report to the office to sign in and get a visitor badge.  

Child Drop Off and Pick Up

Students may be dropped off at the school in the morning, if they are not riding the bus, no earlier than 7:40 a.m at which time they should report to the gym.

If you are coming to drop off or pick your child up during the school day, after entrance to the building, please report to the office where you will sign in or sign them out.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Parents may access their child’s information via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal by visiting our MIB website.  Here you can view student’s information relating to their household, attendance, grades, progress and class assignments.  To sign-up and receive a username and password, contact the secretary at 735-8271 x2131.

School Nurse

The school nurse starts the day at the high school and comes over to the Merritt Elementary at or before 10:30 a.m.

School Closings and Inclement Weather                                                                                                                   

School may be cancelled for reasons such as a utility outage within the building, icy roads and or severe weather.  When the Superintendent and/or Principal believe the safety of students and employees is threatened by severe weather, a decision to close school will be made as early in the day as possible.  These types of school closing announcements will be sent via the Honeywell Instant Alert System, as well as broadcast on local television and radio stations.  In the event the district does not close school and conditions in your area are bad, or you think it is unsafe, you, as a parent or guardian, should make your own decision about sending your child to school.  If you will be keeping your child home when school is in session, please call the school office and notify them of your decision.  Thank you.

Ranger Rock Cafe
1. When is the Ranger Rock Cafe open?
We will be opening in early to mid-November. Please note the closing time for this year and the updated take out menu.