Renee Koski

My name is Renee Koski. I teach Special Education in grades 1-3 at Merritt Elementary School. I have been in education for a long time. I am a relic. I am as ancient as the furniture within the classrooms.

My hometowns were in Duluth and Virginia because my father worked in a number of locations for U.S. Steel as a supervisor. I received my Bachelors of Applied Arts from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in English and Speech Communications. I went on to receive my Special Education Degree from Mankato State University. I did a two year online Special Education program that found me traveling every summer there to take courses that were not offered during the school year. A online program can be challenging, but I had the opportunity to do my student teaching at Mesabi Academy in grades 4-12. I found very challenging behaviors each day that I worked there. Overall, I have worked in Special Education for 19 years. I had an opportunity to come to Merritt Elementary School, and I have been teaching here three years in all. I have 27 1/2 years in teaching so far mostly doing substitute teaching in my early years. I am shooting for 30 years in teaching. We will see whether I can make it. The greatest challenge a teacher has is to keep a good sense of humor; as well as being able to multi-task each day on the job. My greatest rewards are to see my students grow academically; and see that learning is becoming important to their lives.

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