APerryHello! My name is Abigail Perry, and this is my second year as Mountain Iron-Buhl's Student & Family Advocate. As MIB's SAFA, my primary goal is to support students' mental health and well-being. I believe that every student deserves access to resources and support that can help them navigate the challenges of adolescence and beyond. My hope is to create a safe and inclusive environment where students feel comfortable seeking help and support when they need it. I believe that by working collaboratively with teachers, parents, and other professionals, we can create a comprehensive approach to mental health that addresses the unique needs of each student. Ultimately, my goal is to help students develop the skills and resilience they need to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

I am loving my time here at MIB, as I am from the Iron Range originally and am so happy to be back. When I'm not at work, you can find me hiking, crafting, and spending time with my Goldendoodle, Lilo and Sheepadoodle, Nani!

Abigail Perry
Student & Family Advocate

Phone: (218) 735-8271 Ext. 1052
Email: aperry@isd712.org