Strategies for Improving Instruction, Curriculum, and Student Achievement
Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Teacher Evaluation Forms for Teachers

Performance Standards for Teacher Practice Rubric

Performance Standards for Teacher Practice Rubric with Ratings

Peer Review/Summative Evaluator Schedule

Staff Development

The District reserves an amount of equal to at least two percent of the basic revenue to provide staff opportunities to attend workshops and in-services to improve their teaching practices.

We will continue to:

  • to provide professional staff development to teachers that include curriculum alignment/mapping, curriculum development, differentiated instruction, and technology in the classroom.
  • include the use of data and assessments to inform classroom practice.
  • Increase teachers’ ability to effectively instruct all students including culturally diverse learners, learners with special needs, gifted and talented students, and at-risk students.
  • Increase teachers’ and principals’ knowledge and skill in providing appropriate curriculum, instruction and assessment to help students meet and exceed state and academic standards.
  • Increase teachers’ knowledge of academic subjects and understanding of effective instruction strategies using scientifically based research.
  • provide technology to improve teaching and learning.

Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards

The Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards define expectations for the educational achievement of public school students across the state in grades K-12. The standards and benchmarks are important because they: 1) identify the knowledge and skills that all students must achieve by the end of a grade level or grade band; 2) help define the course credit requirements for graduation; and, 3) serve as a guide for the local adoption and design of curricula. Student mastery of the standards is measured through state and local assessments.

State standards are in place for English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and physical education. State standards also are available in the arts, or districts may choose to develop their own. Local standards must be developed by districts for health, world languages, and career and technical education.

For standards in Music Education please go to

Teachers have aligned the MN Academic Standards to instruction and resources/materials through the curriculum mapping process.