Student Progress and Growth Monitoring

Our schools use a variety of tools to measure and determine students’ academic growth and proficiency of grade level standards.  These tools range from informal assessments observed during classroom activities to formal, mandated assessments such as the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA).   Students take the ACT EXPLORE test (8th grade) and PLAN test (10th grade), both nation-wide college admissions test given to students that help students plan for the future. These assessments:

  • provide data to help pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses, aligned to college and career ready expectations,
  • provide data regarding student preferences for post-high school activities,  
  • provide the school with information on program effectiveness,
  • provide valid and reliable data on student achievement

 Educators can use these assessments to identify the needs of the students and adjust instructional strategies to meet the needs of their students and encourage individualized academic growth.  We are planning for the student’s future now by preparing him or her for high school and beyond.

District Testing Calendar

‚ÄčACT College Bound –

In the Mountain Iron-Buhl School District student’s scores on the ACT are 20.3 average composite score  in 2016.  We are slightly below the state average composite score of 21.1.