Hi! I am Krin Meehan, Media Specialist. This is my first year at MIB—exciting! I’ve had the grandest of times getting to know your kiddos down here at Merritt! So far this year, we have learned about digital literacy, how our library works, and we have just begun learning about coding! As the year progresses, I plan to keep incorporating technology helping to prepare the kiddos’ creative minds for the future—whatever that may hold! We also have and will continue to strengthen our researching skills utilizing both online and print sources!

Another goal of mine is to create a user friendly space for all the kids! I have been working on organizing our collection, cataloging, and updating! It has been a whirlwind, but is coming together! It is my hope to create a physical space encouraging creativity and a thirst for knowledge! I am also working on moving the high school library over to Merritt. Envisioning a new Media Center for the older kids at MIB, I hope to see a landscape that embraces the digital and print world to create a welcoming and cozy space! What an exciting time for our libraries!!

Contact Krin Meehan
Phone: (218) 735-8271 Ext. 1009